Six Remedies for Reducing Teething Pain

There are many solutions available to help you to ease your baby's teething pain. Every child responds to something different, and every parent trusts different types of treatments. Try these well-known remedies ranging from home remedies to over-the-counter treatments.

Home Teething Remedies

Let Them Chew: Teething Rings and Washcloths

  • Teething rings should be one single, solid piece of plastic or silicone-covered plastic to prevent choking.
  • Some teething rings are liquid or gel-filled, and can be chilled for extra soothing. Only chill this type of teething ring in the refrigerator, never the freezer.
  • A cold, wet washcloth is a good alternative for commercially made teething rings. NOTE: Never dip these in sugary substances to encourage chewing. It may contribute to dental cavities.

Cool or Crunchy: Fresh & Frozen Foods

  • Frozen fruit pieces, bagels, or cucumbers are a good natural option for teething relief. Small mesh bags attached to a pacifier-like handle are available to help keep big chunks of food from becoming a choking hazard.
  • Chewing hard, sugar-free teething crackers or toasted bread can also help alleviate teething pain.
    NOTE: Make sure your baby is ready for these methods. Always supervise your child when giving them food to chew on to ease teething pain.

A Mother’s Touch: Apply Pressure

  • Gently apply light pressure with a clean finger (you can cover it with wet gauze or a washcloth to protect your hand) or a cold spoon.

Teething Remedies to Avoid: Do NOT Try This at Home

There are some teething remedies that are not recommended for your child. In fact, they can harm your baby's budding teeth.
  • Do not add sugar, honey, or jam to feeding bottles.
  • Do not add any medication to a feeding bottle.
  • Do not dip a pacifier or any teething object in any sugary substance.
  • Do not use alcohols for teething symptoms.
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