Orajel™ Non-Medicated Cooling Gels for Teething (Benzocaine Free!)

Our Non-Medicated Cooling Gels will soothe your baby's teething gums day and night. Use the Daytime formula at home or on the go, and the Nighttime formula with Chamomile when it's bedtime.

Baby OrajelTM Non-Medicated Cooling Gels are benzocaine free. They are also free of: artificial colors, menthol, sugar, parabens, belladonna, sodium lauryl sulfate, gluten, and dairy.

  • Benzocaine free formula
  • For babies 3+ months
  • Provides an instant cooling sensation that soothes teething gums
  • Apply to the affected area up to 4 times daily or as directed by a physician or healthcare provider
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1 Open

Before applying, wash your hands. Then, cut open the tip along the score mark.

2 Apply

Using your fingertip or cotton applicator, spread a pea-size amount of gel over your baby's gums. Product can be used up to 4x daily or as directed by your physician or doctor.


Chew On This

Teething can be painful for Moms and babies. But, with Orajel Non-Medicated Cooling Gel, you're able to celebrate it for the memorable milestone it is.

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