Paw Patrol Fluoride Free hero

PAW Patrol™ Fluoride-Free Training Toothpaste

Teaching little ones to brush isn’t always easy. Orajel™ PAW Patrol™ Fluoride-Free Training Toothpaste helps makes brushing fun. And when brushing is fun, it gets done!

  • Fluoride-free, so safe if swallowed when used as directed
  • Does not contain artificial colors or dyes
  • Gluten-free, dairy-free, paraben-free
  • Flavors available: Fruity Fun

1 Open

Twist off cap and remove foil seal.

2 Brush

Squeeze a pea-size amount of toothpaste on the brush; then brush teeth in circular motion.

Brush teeth thoroughly after meals or at least twice a day or use as directed by a Physician or Dentist.

For children under 2 years of age, consult a Physician or Dentist prior to use.

Orajel PAW Fluoride Free Paste Product Label