Orajel™ Cold Sore Relief & Concealer

Orajel™ Cold Sore Relief & Concealer
Orajel™ Cold Sore Relief with Concealer combines maximum strength pain relief and moisturizing skin protectants with a specially-formulated cold sore concealer. The powerful Orajel™ formula helps speed healing, relieves pain, and cancels out redness with a green-tinted concealer. With the convenient, easy-to-use, soft tip brush, you just apply directly to your cold sore and move on with your day in confidence. With Orajel you get the instant relief you need from cold sores for less.

Orajel™ Cold Sore Relief & Concealer Label

Orajel® Medicated Cold Sore Brush with Concealer
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Instant relief for less.
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